The Grave of the Abertach... / by Paul Beattie

The site of the grave of the Abertach - and maybe the fore runner to the story of Dracula.

"In the parish of Glenullin, in a place called Slaghtaverty there once lived the Abhartach, a fiendish supernatural dwarf who had been around for centuries. This creature gorged on human blood and its cruelty was widespread in the area. The Abharach was one of the neamh-mairbh (walking dead). He was at last vanquished and slain by a neighbouring chieftain called O’Kane. O’Kane buried the Abhartach in a standing position, but the very next day it returned and was more bloodthirsty than ever. The O’Kane chief killed him a second time and buried him as before, but again he escaped from the grave spreading terror and feasting on the blood of its victims.

"The chief then consulted a learned druid who gave him advice. O’Kane killed the monster a third time and this time, buried him in the same place with his head downwards. It is this that subdues the Abhartach’s supernatural power. This story has been passed down locally for years. There is even a lacht (monument) over the Abhartach’s burial place which is still there. Owen Harding says there was a manuscript published about this legend from an anonymous writer. It was entitled The Abhartach, Dreach-Fhoula." 

(This site is on private land; please ask permission before entering)